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Complete solution for electronic signing of documents


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Modern solution for electronic signing, distribution and tracking of documents.

The solution was crafted using state-of-the-art secure technologies.

Enables simple integration with existing solutions.

Preparations to send

The sender enters the necessary data

  • name, email, recipient mobile phone number
  • name, email, affiliate/clerk mobile phone number
  • SMS message text
  • email message text
  • chooses the documents to sign
  • chooses remote or direct client signature


Sending the documents to be signed

  • The client receives the email message with the link to open a web page to view and sign (or reject) the documents
  • The client receives an SMS message with the verification code to access the web page with the documents

Signing the documents

  • The signing is performed on the web page accessed using the two-factor authentication (email and the one-time code received in the SMS message)
  • The user can sign or reject the documents
  • After the signing, the documents are sent to both sides using email

Document distribution

  • Signed documents are sent to the seller / clerk for further processing
  • Signed documents are sent to the client as documentation
  • The seller / clerk can track the state of sent documents, whether and when have they been signed

  • Complete control
    • Distribution of signed documents
    • Sign state tracking of sent documents
  • Multi-platform solution
    • All personal computer, tablets and mobile devices can be used as receiving and signing devices
  • High security
    • Access using two-factor authentication (email and mobile phone)
    • All communication is completely encrypted
  • Simple integration
    • Isolated solution that integrates with client envirnoment via services (Restful API)
    • Multi-language operation


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