About Us

Application Software Partner is a company registered for design, implementation and support of information systems. Beside this primary area of activity, the company also performs consulting activities in the area of designing complex information systems, integration of information technologies, and selling Microsoft software products.

Application Software Partner is a MICROSOFT CERTIFIED PARTNER since 2002, which enables access to latest IT technologies.

On 30.12.2020, Application Software Partner fulfilled conditions to obtain the following certificates:

SRPS ISO 9001:2015 (view certificate)

SRPS ISO 27001:2014 (view certificate)


ASP Strategies

Application Software Partner aims to remain a competent software and consulting company, capable of integration and development of new, integrated, user-oriented information systems.

The Strategy of this company is based on the orientation towards engineering of complete information systems, and realisation during all solution lifecycle phases. The development of the IS starts with project design (Idea / Development Project / Strategy) and continues with development and implementation. In order to ensure highest quality of the IS, in accordance with user requests, we use state-of-the-art methodology.

What does ASP offer presently?

Planning, design, development, implementation and support, during all phases of information system lifecycle.

Design, development, implementation and support of “tailor-made” integrated information systems.

Consulting services in areas of business intelligence (BI) and digital transformation (DT).

Integration of various information technologies (DB/TP, BI, OA, BPR, DS, GIS) into existing company information system.

Training of users for operation of new solutions and development tools.


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